Connect to Tile Server (Map / Background Picture menu)

This dialog allows you to automatically show a background image map from an image tile server.  In order to use this feature, you must first set your coordinate system from the Map menu, so the VSP knows how to align the images with your project map.  The tile server background image can also be enabled from the Layer Control under Background Images.

This dialog contains the following controls:

Connection check box

Check the box to begin displaying background images from the selected tile server.

Tile Server drop list

Select one of the tile servers from the list.

URL text box

Displays the base URL of the tile server.  If you choose a Custom server, you type in the name of your server here.

Levels text box

Displays the number of zoom levels available from this server.  If you choose a Custom server, you type in the number of zoom levels here.


The background image is automatically scaled to your project map.  Here is an example of a map from MapQuest:

For more information about the type of tile servers that VSP supports, see this description of Slippy Map Tiles.