Map menu commands

The Map menu offers the following commands:

Load Map from File

Loads a DXF or SHP Map into the VSP project.

Coordinate System

Sets the projected coordinate system for the map.

Re-Project Map

Change map from one projected coordinate system to another

Quick Map from Web

Starts a VSP project at a specific location without needing a map file.

Map Settings

Sets the units and other attributes on a map.

Background Picture

Load and calibration of background picture

Set Origin

Sets a new origin (0,0 location) for the map.



Draw Line or Polyline

Draw a line segment or series of line segments on a map.

Draw Rectangle

Draw a rectangle on a map.

Draw Ellipse

Draw an ellipse on a map.

Draw Curve

Draw a curve on a map.

Add Annotation

Adds a note object to the map.

Draw Transects

Manually draw transects on map .

Show Drawing Guide

Turn on Drawing Guide.

Move Selected Objects

Moves selected lines and notes on the map.

Rotate Selected Objects

Rotates selected lines and notes on the map.

Delete Selected Objects

Deletes selected lines and notes on the map.

Insert Point

Inserts a new vertex into a line on the map.



Sample Points

Imports / export sample points to text files.

Kriged or Other Raster Data

Import / export raster-type data including Kriged results.

Elevation Data

Import / export elevation data to / from ESRI grid files.

UXO Recon Data

Import specially formatted UXO reconnaissance data from a text file

Export Map

Exports a map and/or samples to various file formats.

Import CONTAM Data

Imports data from a CONTAM model.



Insert Building Footprint

Inserts a representation of a building (or set of rooms) from a VSP project file.



Create Lines for Areas

Create outlines around Sample Areas that don't have them.

Crop Map

Trims map at edge of view window.