Tools menu commands

The Tools menu offers the following commands:

Largest Unsampled Spot

Finds the largest area uncovered by samples.

Reset Sample Design

Clears the current sample design and removes sample locations.

Measure Distance

Measure the distance between two points on the map.

Make Sample Labels

Set label values for samples based on a user-defined template.

Make Transect Labels

Set label values for transects based on a user-defined template.

Label Sample Areas on Map

Creates annotation labels for each Sample Area and places them on the map.

Analyze Data

Import sampling points and/or data values and perform statistical analysis.

Geostatistical Analysis

Perform Geostatistical analysis of spatial data using kriging methods.

Correlate Analytes

Find correlations between analyte values.

Regression / ANOVA Modeling

Perform regression or analysis of variance.

Group Comparison / ANOVA

Perform analysis of variance between groups of values.

Analyze Changes over Time (Control Chart)

This command displays the Shewhart Chart (I-Chart) dialog which allows you to analyze time-series control data.

Create interpolated spatial map

This command uses non-Kriging methods to spatially interpolate data over the entire map.

Create Posting Plot

This command combines: display Value Labels, Color Samples by Value, and display Sample Symbols for values above a threshold.